In glaucoma patients the pressure inside the eye increases due to the insufficient drainage of the fluid inside the eye. The aqueous fluid drains through the trabecular meshwork. This is a small drainage area that runs 360 degrees around the iris of the eye.

The SLT laser is a restorative, non-destructive laser that is used to treat the trabecular meshwork to increase the drainage of the fluid inside the eye. The result is that the intra-ocular pressure can be controlled, often without the need for topical eye drops. The laser causes selective photothermolysis of the pigmented cells in the trabecular meshwork. Since it does not cause any damage or thermal effect, the SLT laser treatment is repeatable. SLT laser treatment is ideal for patients that are newly diagnosed with glaucoma, as well as patients that have trouble with the instillation of the drops or side-effects associated with the medication.

The procedure is done in the rooms. Topical anesthesia is used to numb the eye and a contact lens is placed on the eye to permit the treatment. The procedure is completely painless, and no additional treatment is necessary after the SLT treatment. The procedure is repeatable and can be repeated if the intra-ocular pressure rises in the future.