In the current uncertain climate, the safety of our patients and staff remains our priority. Patient consultations and surgical procedures are continuing in order to treat a wider range of sight-threatening conditions, but certain precautionary measures are essential in order to protect our patients and staff from possible infection with the Covid-19 virus.

Virtual telehealth consultations will be utilised in instances where a face-to-face consultation is not essential, or where the risk of infection and serious illness is substantial. The practice will send an invitation via email to the patient. There is no need for the patient to download an app. Dr Hartog will be able to consult and see the patient via any smartphone or computer. Information can also be shared with the patient with the use of informative digital videos.

During physical consultations at the practice, certain measures need to be adhered to. Medically ill patients or patients with symptoms suggestive of Covid-19 infection cannot be seen physically. Social distancing is maintained, and the number of patients in the waiting room limited. No accompanied persons are allowed in the building. The patients and staff will make use of face masks and frequent hand sanitising. The practice staff is well versed in the preventative measures that include aerosol screens on the desks as well as instruments. All the instruments and surfaces are frequently sterilised with a medical-grade enzymatic sterilising solution.

All surgical procedures are performed at the Cape Eye Hospital (CEH). The facility is a day hospital and a specialist eye hospital. Only eye procedures are performed at the hospital and no other surgeries. No medically ill patients receive treatment at the CEH, and therefore the risk for Covid-19 infection is very low.